Today I am going to  Barbers to get my hair cut .


I am waiting my turn ,The Barber said your next please sit here.


 I am sitting in the Barber Chair in front of a mirror.

The Barber puts a gown on me to protect my clothes.

I tell the barber how I would like my hair cut.

The Barber wets my hair with water from a bottle.

The barber uses a scissor’s and comb to cut my hair on top of my head.

Barber ask’s is it ok to use a razor on the side and back of hair?         

I can say yes or no.

The barber is cutting my hair with an electric razor. It is making a small noise, but it is ok and very quick as cutting my hair.

The Barber has finished cutting my hair. I am clean and handsome, there is no more hair brushing on my face.

We pay the barber for cutting my hair and say goodbye.

Social Story for getting my hair cut at the barbers. 

We understand that a trip to the Barber Shop can be stressful and upsetting for some people . We have put together this social story to help with your visit .

To help you prepare for your trip  to us you can contact us and arrange a quite time , discuss what may be stressful and ask in advance to not use. We have found making the barbers a familiar place by just dropping by and saying hello and few times before the haircut , Picking a time that is quite to help remove any added pressures of other people being around . Letting us know to the following .  Giving the person control to say no I do not like the hair razor please use scissor’s only this builds up confidence between barber and client 

 Remember to tell us in advance

Spray Bottle to wet hair yes/no      Electric Razor yes/no    Hair gel Yes/no Hair dryer yes / no

Gents 15 Roselawn Blanchardstown Dublin 15 0892155575 , Located beside Tesco has ample free parking 

Book online or call and let us know how we can help your visit to us.